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Install the latest version of the shortcut

In order for the links in your digital planner to work, this shortcut has to be installed on your device.

If the Shortcut Gallery is currently unavailable - no shortcut can be installed on iOS. In that case please try again later until Apple resolves the issue, usually within the day.

If you experience problems in using the shortcut make sure to update the iOS to the latest version or check back here for the new version of the shortcut - we will update the shortcut if needed to follow with the current iOS updates so all of the features can continue to work as much as possible.


Apple Calendar events setting works using the iOS shortcuts feature. Mydailyplanners is not responsible if the shortcut features stop working due to the iOS changes and updates in the future. We will make the necessary updates to the shortcuts that will follow any iOS changes in the future as much as possible so these features continue to work. If you experience problems with how the shortcuts work, always make sure to update the iOS to the latest version or wait for the next update for the issue to be resolved. Even without the working shortcut digital planners can be used as regular hyperlinked digital planners and refunds are not possible due to the iOS changes that are out of our control. 

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