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How digital planners for iPad and tablet work?

Digital planner is a PDF template with hyperlinks that connect certain pages in the planner and allow for fast and smooth navigation (hyperlinks are clickable). For example, when you open your digital planner and choose a month - from the monthly page you can click any daily or weekly page from that month and the link will take you directly to that page’s location. 

Digital planner is not an app but a pdf template so it can't sync to your Google calendar or Apple calendar or duplicate on its own what you wrote on monthly to daily to weekly pages.
That is why we came up with the unique idea to include the links that will allow you to open in one click the corresponding scheduling window in Google or Apple calendar app that is already set to exact date and time you clicked in this digital planner and let you save the reminder - such a time saver!

Watch how our digital planners with links to Apple and Google Calendar work:

What do I need to use a digital planner:

Digital planner requires a PDF annotation app to be installed first on your device. To use the digital planner you need to have a device that supports PDF Annotation apps, the most commonly used devices are iPads or Tablets, but the planners can also be used on iPhones and Android phones, MacBooks etc. 

There are both free and payed apps available. Most commonly used app is GoodNotes5 app and we recommend for the planner to be used with that app, but there are dozens of other apps you can use this planner with, Notability, Noteshelf, ZoomNotes Lite (free), PDF Expert (free) to name just a few. GoodNotes5 app also has support for iPhone and Macbook and iMac so you can sync your planner to a cloud service and access and edit the same planner from your multiple devices.

How the hyperlinks in digital planners work:

If you are using the planner with GoodNotes app for the first time please note that this app has two working modes, you can turn on and off your apple pencil, and while the pencil is active the links will not work. Find the pencil icon in top right corner of your GoodNotes app and click on it to activate the Read only mode and then you can use the links to navigate around the planner. Once you are ready to start filling in the page, click the pencil icon again and the menu will appear that will let you write in the planner or use any of the other tools.