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Introducing Sticker Wizard by mydailyplanners, the unlimited source of Digital Stickers

Updated: Feb 25

Mydailyplanners is proud to present the first digital stickers editor implemented into the Digital Planner! *For the exact digital planners that include this feature please look at the end of this post.

There is no digital planning without digital stickers and we all know how hard and time consuming it is to find the right digital sticker. You are limited by colors, shapes, layout etc. and you do not have the time or knowledge to make them yourself. This is where the Sticker Wizard comes in, your unlimited source of digital stickers!

With Sticker Wizard you will have so many options to customize digital sticker templates and adjust them to your needs perfectly. This feature is implemented into our digital planners using the iOS Shortcuts feature and it is possible to use only on iPads.

Get Free Digital Stickers set generated entirely in the Sticker Wizard in Freebie Club

Explore the Sticker Wizard features:

1. Browse MILLIONS of Free digital stickers directly from the Applike digital planner:

Type any word or phrase and the Stickers Wizard will display numerous of results from the best free digital sticker resources from all over the web directly in the digital planner - and the results are much better optimized than Google search! There is an option to remove the sticker's background when possible - depending on image complexity.

2. Turn shapes into stickers, or fit your images into shapes:

Search the shapes library and create the stickers in various shapes, or create a unique sticker by fitting your images into shapes!

3. Any Word Stickers:

You can write any word or phrase in Roman Alphabet and create a sticker from numerous templates that you can additionally adjust! We will create even more templates that you can load into the Sticker Wizard.

4. Customize Sticky Notes:

Sticker Wizard allows you to additionally customize sticky notes templates to perfectly fit your needs! Save your edits as a favorite for easier access the next time.

Shop the Applike Digital Planner with integrated Stickers Wizard!


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