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How to set Reminders from Mydailyplanners Digital Planner on iPad in GoodNotes 5 app

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Mydailyplanners is proud to present the first Digital Planner template for PDF annotation apps with links to Google or Apple Calendar that helps you add notifications!

If you are a PDF digital planner template user for some time, you are well aware that the one thing that every digital planner of this type is missing is the ability to schedule events, add tasks, reminders, notifications etc. For that purpose you probably had to use an app with those options in addition to your digital planner and lose more time in the process.

How to set notifications from Digital Planner on iPad

In this image, Google calendar app opens in floating window* that you can slide in and out as needed.

*To open a floating window hold & swipe the app icon from the taskbar on top of the screen ( while another app is already opened ) .

We came up with a unique solution to this challenge - we equipped Mydailyplanners' Digital Planner with additional 50.000 hyperlinks that will allow you to use your digital planner and Google or Apple Calendar app together and add notifications with ease. This means that the specific dated pages in our digital planner are connected with links to the exact dates and times in the Google Calendar.

For example: you are planning your week ahead in your digital planner and you click on a specific time in your hourly schedule to set the notification. Your Google Calendar app will open an event scheduling page for that exact date and time! That is such a time saver!

Watch the Mydailyplanners digital planner with Google Calendar links demonstration video:

The same feature is also available with Apple Calendar links! Watch the video:

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Our Digital planner with Reminders was featured by GoodNotes app in 2023 Best Digital Planners!

Digital planner templates work within PDF annotation apps and Mydailyplanners recommends GoodNotes 5 app as the best app for digital planning and using Digital Planner templates such as these. Our digital planners can also be used with many other PDF annotation apps on your iPad, MacBook, Mac, iPhone, Android tablets etc.


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